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{June 1, 2007}   Jack Killed Jill

Jack Killed Jill is a San Francisco Bay Area band that was the brain child of Revik Delfin and Steve Korbay. Formed in 1994, Jack Killed Jill spent a lot of their time that year refining their sound. The band consisted of members from various bands such as the Ex-Deadbeats, the Wynona Riders and Complete Disorder (the latter two releasing material on Lookout Records). In the winter of 1994, Jack Killed Jill toured extensively throughout the western half of the United States and parts of Canada. JKJ hooked up with MDC and JFA for most of the tour and later recorded a split 7″ with JFA. After the ’94 tour, Jack Killed Jill began writing more songs. The buzz was on about Jack Killed Jill. While writing new material, many independent and major labels were contacting JKJ to sign them up. Disillusioned with the whole music business and what it had become, Jack Killed Jill felt they had to sign on to a label that would work with them and give them the attention they disserved. There ethics and beliefs pointed them to New Red Archives.

On May 17 1995, New Red Archives recorded a live record at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco called “Live at the Bottom of the Hill” which featured Jack Killed Jill, the Swingin’ Utters, Social Unrest and the Nukes. The show was sold out. Jack Killed Jill contributed 5 songs. There would also be a full length video of the whole show to follow. The video for “Live at the Bottom of the Hill” includes interviews with all bands.

Jack Killed Jill recorded a split 7″ with JFA after the “Well” tour. The 7″ was released on New Red Archives with blue vinyl. “But I’m Not Fucked Up” would also appear on Jack Killed Jill’s second record “In Stereo”.

The recording of “In Stereo”, Jack Killed Jill’s second release on New Red Archives, took all of one week in January of 1997. Michael Valladares of Critical Mass performed the saxophone solo on the song “Repeat Offenders”.

Jack Killed Jill… replaces Eric Matson in the summer of 1999 with Chris Baldassari. Chris’ first show with Jack Killed Jill… was with Dee Dee Ramone at Club Cocodrie in San Francisco. Chris was then replaced with Gabriel in 2002.

Quickly, after a couple of warm up shows, JKJ retreated to the studio to write some new material. The result was “Hello Neighbor” released on 15 November 2001 on Geykido Comet Records. This marked the first release on Geykido Comet Records. The record was recorded in two days at House of Faith with Bart Thurber as producer. “Hello Neighbor” contains 10 new songs. The song “You don’t own me” by Lesley Gore can also be found on “Hello Neighbor”.


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